The State of Swiss Design

Five Swiss designers – Verena Huber, Claude Lichtenstein, Jörg Boner, Stefan Rechsteiner and Meret Probst – from different generations and various professional backgrounds met in September 2013 at Depot Basel to discuss Switzerland as a location for working, manufacturing and design.

A publication was developed looking into the past, present and future of Switzerland's role as a centre for design. The initial dicussion raised further questions, such as: how does Switzerland as an administraqtor of creative heritiage as well as manufacturing, educational and working centre deal with current developments? Is the potential of Switzerland as a location for design recognised, is it sufficently used, promoted, presented and marketed - and how will it still be in the future? What is the position of Switzerland in an international environment and how is it percieived from the outside? Which problems persist and what possibilties present themselve to the country as well as the individual? Which tasks apply to whom? What are the roles of established and recently graduated designers, producers, associations and educational facilities? What is the incumbent on politics, institutions and the public?

As a follow-up to the pubilication, Depot Basel mounts an exhibition that illustrates the preparations, process and results of this discourse. Five photographic poisition broach the issue of pyhisical transition from one generation to the next. The use of media and esoteric memory makes these creations carriers of secrets. Objects manifest the shared connection between people and moments in time. It is exactly this inherent information and emotional conjunction that gives value and meaning to these things, which can neither be counted nor realised in pure rationality.  

This exhibition with debut the newly refurished gallery at Voltaplatz and is held in collaboration with Basel Office for Interieur Architecture and Scenography EMYL.