CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) Guanghzhou

China Hosts World's Biggest Furniture Exhibition

The world’s biggest furniture exhibition will be held in Guangzhou from March 18th to 22nd and from March 28th to April 1st.

The first stage, from 18th to 22nd March, will be dedicated to home furniture, outdoor and leisure furniture, home decor & home textile.

The second stage, from 28th March to 1st April, will be dedicated to office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture, as well as machinery and materials for the furniture industry.

CIFF is both the main point of reference for the rapidly evolving Chinese furniture market and the most important business platform in all of Asia, offering opportunities and solutions to all of the most important professionals in the furniture industry around the world.

More than 3,700 exhibitors from 32 countries are expected to arrive at Guangzhou for the March edition of CIFF, occupying a total exhibition area of 690,000 m², and about 200,000 professional operators are expected from all over the world.