Cold Sun

At Palais de Tokyo

After the “Imagine The Imaginary ” season which drew visitors along in the very wake of the invention of the work, the new “Cold Sun” season at the Palais de Tokyo explores the surface of a strange world where, as Raymond Roussel talking about writing put it, “nothing real must enter”. The selfsame Raymond Roussel who wrote Nouvelles impressions d’Afrique [New Impressions of Africa] without ever having set foot on that vast continent inspires this season which takes as its dominant theme a paradoxical sun, a sun that as Michel Foucault emphasizes “does not move, [is] equitable to all things, raised for all time above everything”, illuminating a world where “everything is luminous. But nothing there tells us the day: there is no hour and no darkness.” The artifices of such a world give rise to the existence of “undreamt-of spaces” which the many artists invited to participate in this season explore, each in his or her own way.