Istanbul Design Week

Top Turkish Design Event

With the urban development of the city, Istanbul Design Week is constituted on the role of design notion where east meets west. IDW will be hosting designers and design exhibitions from around the world on the Old Galata Bridge. The whole design world will decend on Istanbul. With the participation of 25 countries, design events taking place at IDW will follow in Europe and the rest of the world. Istanbul will present its design culture to the whole world through media and with international designers. today, what differentiate each product and service are; the urban development and the design notion, that provides interaction amongst cultures. IDW 2013 is an event with the goal of sheding new light on design visions by relating Istanbul - the new design center - to Europe and other world cities. Istanbul’s young energy, dynamic urban identity and culture encourages creativity and variety regarding daily life. This event will become Europe’s one of the most important urban projects.