Open Mic: Architecture

Open Dialouge about Architect

Circulos Creativo London presents Open Mic, a series of intimate evenings in which a group of no more than 30 people gather to talk about work from their particular point of view. Held at Hackney´s WOX Studio, this month’s Open Mic is dedicated to Architecture.

The approach is simple: networking in its purest form. The discussions will start with an intervention for a speaker or member of the audience that wishes to share an idea. Someone will expose concerns, other will show their latest projects, look for answers, ideas and references. The aim is to through ideas on the table, without boundaries, agenda, script or limitations. We want to encourage all of those joining us to generate an organic dialog about the discipline in question. 

‘Open Mic’ is a conversation that goes in all directions, so if you have something to show or share, don’t be shy or hesitate, bringing it!. It will be a true ‘open mic’. The evening takes place between 19:00 and 22:00, with more than enough time to speak at length and have a drink or two with others in your industry. Space is limited, so get your ticket now.

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