Timescapes: Design Talks and Workshops

Ventura Lambrate at Milan Design Week

A conversation between Francisco Gomez Paz, Jorge Mañes Rubio and Marco Sammicheli will discuss the variable of time within projects as the primary element which gives meaning to a work. Acting as the driver to design and develop an idea to generate value as well as innovation. The event will start at 4pm on Saturday 12 April.

On Sunday 13 April from 10am till 4pm, create a message to yourself to be opened in the year 2044 at Time Capsule, a workshop offered by Copy/copy. Personal momentos as well as everyday objects, pictures, newspapers and clothes will be photographed or photocopied for the paper collection. The contents wll be published into a fanzine. Interested? There is an entry fee of 50 EUR for supplies and space is limited so register by sending an email to info@microfestival.it with TIME CAPSULE in the subject now!