We Can't Go Home Again

Didier Faustino at Galerie Michel Rein

From 30th November, Didier Faustino fills Galerie Michel Rein with a remarkable installation called We can’t go home again. Visitors are Invited to enter an ambiguous world strangely resembling ours but following a disaster that appears to have already taken place. We won’t go home anymore: haunted by the armour that this ‘other’ self has carved out of the carpet of his own home. We won’t go home anymore: strangely worried in front of our apartments and offices that have suddenly been made inhospitable. We can no longer cease to thinking about the lives that animate our familiar environments and the fictitious boundaries that claim to separate art from our lives; the political decisions of our aesthetic models. And it is now the responsibility of Didier Faustino to haunt art galleries.