White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes

Exhibition examines six new museumsites that integrate architecture, art and landscpae in an unprecedented way

Opening February 14, 2013, the Yale School of Architecture Gallery presents White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes, an exhibition examining emerging trends in museum design through six new art sites that share the common thread of moving beyond the traditional “white cube” gallery space, and that juxtapose the experience of culture, art, architecture, and landscape.

The exhibition features newly commissioned photography of these sites by Iwan Baan, one of today’s most influential architectural photographers, as well as architects’ models, plans, and sketches; historical photographs; and maquettes and sketches by key installation artists. Each site represents a unique expression of the ambitions and collaborations of patrons, architects, landscape architects, artists, and curators. The architects range from such established masters as Tadao Ando and Álvaro Siza Vieira, to such emerging practitioners as Tatiana Bilbao and Johnston Marklee. All have ongoing relationships with museum design and collaborate with artists. They are more than conscious of the so-called “Bilbao Effect”—the pressure on architects to design “signature buildings.”