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Urban Woods

Resembling a forest in the middle of a busy Osaka street, Urban Woods has brought a touch of nature to the big city. The renovation was completed on an existing structure that can be rented...


Reflecting the ‘golden rule’ of threes, Dutch designer Ben Werkt has created a trifecta series of lamps for floor, table and ceiling. Each lamp is made by hand from two red cedar frame...



A book that inspires and guides you through the key trends and influences for architecture and design.



Filip Dujardin takes the architect’s role in his latest work ‘Fictions’, removing the unavoidable and compromising responsibilities of the designer to express pure sculptural...

Naka House

In California’s Hollywood Hills, an impractical 1960s home has – despite the odds – been remodelled into a cohesive unit. The original house was constructed as a series of...