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Maarten Baas plays Hide & Seek with the art and design world

GRONINGEN – At the Groninger Museum, the first major exhibition by categorically evasive Dutch designer Maarten Baas reveals the mystery behind the man – without solving it.


Artist Shinji Ohmaki expresses the fragile balance between existence and extinction

MIURA – Where They Create: Japan by photographer Paul Barbera offers insight into the working processes of the most creative minds in Japan. Here, we meet artist Shinji Ohmaki.

Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Leaderboard: Clerkenwell

Artist Satorua Aoyama stretches the limits of expression through embroidery

TOKYO – Where They Create: Japan, photographer Paul Barbera's new book, invites readers inside the studios of Japanese creatives. Here, we meet embroidery artist Satorua Aoyama.


Anjali Srinivasan marries past and present in her work

Mindful of her Indian heritage, a glass-maker in Dubai marries past and present in her work.

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Chiharu Shiota weaves infinite stories in her site-specific installations

The desire to draw in the air led Chiharu Shiota to use yarn – usually red and black – in her large-scale installation works.

Wooden interiors give the linear design an intimate feel.

Davidson Rafailidis makes space for affectionate functionality

BUFFALO – Responding to their client’s wish to share one building but maintain separate work environments, the US-based architects created a studio with distinct materialities and atmospheres. 

Artist brings New York's Guggenheim to Colombia to make a statement.

Victor Enrich depicts cultural contradictions faced by South America's youth

RAFAEL URIBE URIBE – Catalan artist Victor Enrich has created an image series which combines his finesse in photography and 3D rendering. 

The industrial space for contemporary art hosts a follow up of Philippe Parreno's New York show, Hypothesis.

Philippe Parreno turns Milan's HangarBiccoca into a cinematic production of shadows

MILAN – Upon entering Milan's HangarBicocca, visitors are immersed into an orchestrated sound and light experience.

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
The tiled design by Irma Boom creates a historic connection in the new passageway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Irma Boom interprets 18th century masterpiece within passage beneath Amsterdam Central Station

AMSTERDAM – Benthem Crouwel Architects unveils its design for the ‘slow traffic corridor’, a 110-m footpath running under Central Station.  

'I've always had this idea about starting a revolution – about overthrowing the world. I don’t have a political background; I just wanted to start a revolution.' – Joep van Lieshout

Joep van Lieshout's art speaks about our society

He’s gone from producing weapons, alcohol, drugs and abortion clinics to creating a pavilion for this year’s Design Miami/ Basel. Just how has Joep van Lieshout adapted his anarchistic ideas to …

An exclusive interview with Sebastiaan Bremer to celebrate his new book – officially released by Frame Publishers next week.

Discovering the artist Sebastiaan Bremer through his freshly painted slices of life

To coincide with release of Sebastiaan Bremer – To Joy, we caught up with the artist for an exclusive interview about his influences and inspiration, and to find out about his groundbreaking …