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Bekkering Adams' school campus unifies the community

PEER – The Scholen van Morgen (Schools of Tomorrow) initiative, laid out by the Flemish government in 2006, continues to develop with the third largest of the 250 school projects.


The classic pharmacy gets a dose of healthy changes from Zware Jongens

BREE – Striving to be a pioneer within the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacy Van Dijck tasked Zware Jongens to add a personal touch to the customer experience.  


EUtopia explores the potential of an architectural paradise

LEUVEN — Thomas More’s Utopia, originally printed in Leuven in 1516, serves as the conceptual starting point for the exhibition EUtopia – The Possibility of an Island, in which five leading …


Marble endures at Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk

KORTRIJK – The silver edition of Biennale Interieur in the Belgian city of Kortrijk solidified the longevity of marble. 

Urban Design

Children from post-industrial mining towns of Belgium play on top of waste

BERINGEN – Landscape architecture firms Carve and Omgeving jointly memorialise the past with a playground stretched over a monumental cultivated mound.


Zumtobel enlightens shoppers with dynamic illumination at an Antwerp boutique

ANTWERP – Some retailers keep the lights either low or glaring to obscure the faults of their fashion. Instead Gustav Bruynseraede used lighting in his single-label Eiermarkt, Antwerp boutique to …


Transparency within Extremis' office cues natural interactions

POPERINGE – ‘Transparent meeting room, transparent business,' reads one of the floor stickers that navigates guests through Extremis' new headquarters following its official opening.


Reynaers Aluminium embodies fifty years of expertise in a major hotel

BAHRAIN – The recently opened Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain, was realized with Reynaers façade systems and is the embodiment of 50 years of experience.


Form follows freedom in Villa MQ

TREMELO – Office O sculpted a Flemish villa with pretty rounded shapes and a tiny waist.


Edouard Brunet and François Martens cantilever lofty room from renovated Brussels home

BRUSSELS – Two self-sufficient dwellings are concealed behind a typical terraced-house façade in this stylish transformation of a family home.


Filip Janssens' modular volumes offer a new experience of outdoor space

GHENT – Modular constructions – 'a lot like building with Lego blocks' – form the basis of the geometric forms created by Belgian designer Filip Janssens.


Gijs Van Vaerengerh breaks down the logic of the labyrinth

Genk – Gijs Van Vaerengerh – a collective of young Belgian architects and artists – completed its latest installation, aptly named Labyrinth.