How To Contribute

Would you like to get your work in an upcoming book by Frame Publishers? Read on to find out how. We’re interested in hearing from designers around the world who have projects to share. Projects are selected for inclusion in our books based on their original concept and creative approach.

Submit your projects

We welcome submissions to be considered for the books we are currently working on, which include:

    • Bright 2 (lighting design) | About: This book will be a rich selection of architectural illumination projects that are setting trends in the creative use of light from all over the world. This inspiring volume reflects the current role of illumination as a multifaceted and interactive design element. The work featured will be divided into three areas: dynamic, interactive and static. | How to participate: please submit low-res images and project text for light interiors completed since summer 2011, or request further details by emailing
    • Night Fever 4 (hospitality design) | About: This book will seek to capture how designers distil a venue’s essence – be it the flavours of its menu or the ambience of its party scene – and incorporate it into the interior design, often working with aspects of its setting to create a certain atmosphere. The book will be divided into three sections: restaurants (EAT), bars and clubs (DRINK), and hotels (SLEEP). | How to participate: please submit low-res images and project text for hospitality interiors completed since autumn 2011, or request further details by emailing
    • Masterclass (guide to the world’s leading graduate schools) | About: Frame now has a successful Masterclass series featuring graduate schools around the world offering master’s degree courses in the following subjects: architecture; fashion/textile design; graphic design/communications; and product design. In 2014, a new guidebook on interior design/interior architecture will be released, which we are working on now. | How to participate: please email and tell us about the crux of your course, and why your school should be listed in this new book. For more details, email

The range of forthcoming 'series' titles that we publish every two years, in order of release date, is as follows:

  • Powershop 4, for the latest in retail store design, from pop-up shops to showrooms (released: January 2014)
  • Night Fever 4, contemporary hospitality design divided in three chapters: hotels, bars & clubs, restaurants (release date: summer 2014)
  • Masterclass: Interior Design, featuring 30 of the world's graduate schools offering master's degree courses in this subject area (release date: early autumn 2014) 
  • Bright 2, featuring architectural illumination and light installations (release date: spring 2015)
  • Goods 2, detailing interior product ranges, from chairs to tables, from floor lamps to kitchens (release date: spring 2015)
  • Grand Stand 5, featuring designs for trade fair stands (release date: late summer 2015)
  • Further new editions of the Masterclass guidebooks series will be forthcoming (date TBC)

Earlier editions of these book series can be purchased here.

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For further information and conditions, or to submit your project(s) for consideration or if you have any book ideas to share, please get in touch.