Materiology (NL)

The Creative Industry's Guide To Materials And Technologies

The creative industry's guide to materials and technologies, written in a style that conveys a wealth of information in a language that's easy to understand. Available in Dutch, German, French and English.

A book intended for all creative professionals who rely on materials and technologies – architects, designers, stylists, artists and the like, from students to experienced practitioners – Materiology is written in a style that conveys a wealth of information in a language that’s easy to understand. This book covers everything there is to know about materials and technologies in one single volume. Materiology’s comprehensive exploration of materials is divided into four sections:

  1. Categories of materials: various types of wood, plastic, glass, metal, lighting, etc.
  2. Catalogue of materials: 110 catalogue cards that identify various materials, from the most basic substance to the latest cutting edge innovation.
  3. Processes: major methods of processing materials (e.g. injection moulding, extrusion) explained with instructive diagrams.
  4. Thinking out of the box: issue of relevance to any study of materials and technologies, such as ecology and virtual issues.

Publication Details

  • 2008
  • Frame Publishers
  • Edited by Daniel Kula & Elodie Ternaux
  • Dutch
  • 344 pages / Hardcover / English, German, French & Dutch
  • 20 x 29,5 cm
  • ISBN 978-90-77174-21-0