Product Sketches

From Rough to Refined

This is a fully visual book with over one thousand product sketches organized in chapters covering the main product categories that designers design for, such as electronic devices, household appliances, furniture, garments, accessories, et cetera.

Every chapter starts with numerous quick basic sketches, showing the different basic shapes of the products, from different angles. These are followed by sketches with more details, colors, shades and larger variations. Each chapter finishes with larger computer-made renderings in color. So truly: from rough to refined.

A wonderfully inspirational book for anyone who wishes to improve their sketching abilities.

Andres Parada works as an industrial designer at Gravitytank in Chicago.


Publication Details

  • 2013
  • Published by Bis Publishers
  • Written by Andres Parada
  • Dimensions: 19 x 24 cm
  • 192 pages / paperback
  • ISBN 978-90-6369-309-1