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Estudio Guto Requena asks 'Can You Tell Me A Secret?'

SAO PAULO – An interactive installation in the immigration-flooded neighbourhood of Bom Retiro invites you to reveal your inner-most thoughts.


Yabu Pushelberg and others use hospitality houses to profile national identities at Rio 2016

RIO DE JANEIRO – Rio 2016: an event riddled by the complexities of social injustice, tourism, security issues, traffic chaos, virus fears and doping scandals, not to mention sports achievements, …


SuperLimão Studio's rustic yet playful design unveils an authentic Brazilian eatery

RIO DE JANEIRO – New restaurant Riba has settled itself into Leblon, the lively and cosmopolitan corner of Rio de Jenerio, with an interior that conveys cultural connections courtesy of …

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Estudio Guto Requena's interactive installation shines brightly above the São Paulo skyline

SÃO PAULO – On the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in Brazil, the citizens of São Paulo can rediscover their city from a new perspective thanks to Guto Requena's Sensitive Star.


Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Metro Arquitetos Associados shape South America's first Aesop store

SÃO PAULO – With the opening of its debut boutique in South America, Aesop demonstrates once again that the client's retail experience is a fundamental value for the skin care brand.


Brazilian designer Rodrigo Almeida says design is still an elite affair

Brazilian design used to be all about the Campanas. Rodrigo Almeida is part of an emerging generation that’s redefining its roots.


Blau Projects Gallery by ARKIZ

SÃO PAULO – Brazilian firm ARKIZ adds to the vibrant creative scene in Vila Madalena, converting a mechanical workshop into a fresh gallery space for Blau Projects.


Rebel Architecture: The Pedreiro and The Master Planner

RIO DE JANEIRO – The final episode of Rebel Architecture documentary series airs tonight on Al-Jazeera English.


Gabinete de Curiosidades by Daniel Malva

Before the modern, white-cube style galleries of today, “seeing art” was a radically different – and affective – experience: collectors displayed a startling array of curiosities from all …


Triptyque at the Centre Pompidou

Inaugurated in 1977, the Centre Pompidou in Paris has quickly established itself as one of the most cutting edge contemporary art institutions in France.


SP-Arte at São Paulo

Founded in 2005, SP-Arte is now the most important art fair in Latin America for both Brazilian and international galleries. This year’s SP-Arte, which is sponsored by IGUATEMI, has kicked off to a …


Cultural Center of the Red Bull Station by Triptyque

SAO PAULO – Triptyque’s methodology nurtures unique built narratives and grasps their potential to spawn new experiences.