Blau Projects Gallery by ARKIZ

SÃO PAULO – Brazilian firm ARKIZ adds to the vibrant creative scene in Vila Madalena, converting a mechanical workshop into a fresh gallery space for Blau Projects.

Gabinete de Curiosidades by Daniel Malva

Before the modern, white-cube style galleries of today, “seeing art” was a radically different – and affective – experience: collectors displayed a startling array of curiosities from all …

Architectural Association in the Amazon

MAMORI LAKE – The Architectural Association Visiting School Amazon is organizing a 10-day workshop in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest that will analise the impact of the recent arrival of …

Triptyque at the Centre Pompidou

Inaugurated in 1977, the Centre Pompidou in Paris has quickly established itself as one of the most cutting edge contemporary art institutions in France.

SP-Arte at São Paulo

Founded in 2005, SP-Arte is now the most important art fair in Latin America for both Brazilian and international galleries. This year’s SP-Arte, which is sponsored by IGUATEMI, has kicked off to a …