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Winnipeg Skating Shelters

In Winnipeg, Canada, where winter can last six months and -50C temperatures are not unusual, protection from the cold is not only a comfort but a necessity. To provide ice-skaters shelter...


Embroidered Installations

Canadian artist Amanda McCavour uses stitched threads to create impalpable installations that fill spaces with delicate reminders of the fragile and transitory aspect of life.McCavour draws...


IceShifts Series

For her series IceShifts, environmental artist Nicole Dextras freezes garments into blocks of ice, creating installations and photographic reproductions. Dextras' art refers to nature and...


Banff Session 2012

Every two years, the Alberta Association of Architects hold a conference in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta appropriately titled, Banff Session. The conference provides an...