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Religious Building

Moneo Brock's church is a modern interpretation of a recognizable typology

MONTERREY – The southern district of the third largest city in Mexico is expanding. In a development 15 km south of the city’s main plaza, the newest parish church can be found.


Liz West paves a church nave with a pool of rainbow reflections

SCUNTHORPE – Artist Liz West strikes gold yet again with Our Colour Reflection, a field of mirrors which emanates rainbow colours within the confines of St John's Church.


Architects Freyke Hartemink and Jarrik Ouburg insert a restaurant in Amsterdam's oldest chapel

AMSTERDAM – In reference to Restaurant Vermeer's temporary premise, local architect Jarrik Ouburg explains: 'Similar to the way painter Johannes Vermeer used interior elements to define a space, we …


Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates launches Sanctum installation

BRISTOL – Fourteenth century church houses temporary structure built for artistic collaboration.

Religious Building

Architecture-Studio delves into a cathedral expansion

CRETEIL– A new extension to the Cathedral of Créteil marks the creation of a revitalised urban symbol of faith.


Q&A: Taturo Atzu gives Amsterdammers a new perspective

AMSTERDAM – In the ‘lounge’ of his current installation, The Garden Which is the Nearest to God at the Oude Kerk, Taturo Atzu (alias: Tatzu Nishi) explains the work.


Best of Building Use Conversions

When factories are decommissioned, they may sit vacant until their inevitable meeting with a wrecking ball. Architects and designers alike have found relic buildings to be a great starting point to …

BK Architecten

Waanders In de Broeren by BK Architecten

ZWOLLE – Waanders In de Broeren is BK Architecten's recently completed renovation of a church into a shop and café.


St Joseph the Worker Church by Sparano + Mooney

WEST JORDAN – Two offset ellipses constitute the main body of a new church in West Jordan, Utah. A place of worship for a Catholic community, the 2136-sq-m church comes to substitute a modest …


Revival Sunset Chapel by FATmaison

LIBREVILLE – A private chapel commissioned by Gabon’s former minister in honour of his deceased wife, Revival Sunset’s architecture builds on powerful symbols of the Christian afterlife.

Best Of

Best Of: Churches, Chapels and Cathedrals

Inspired by the power of architecture? After we featured a cathedral in Norway that reflects the Northern Lights, we decided to take a look at nine other churches, chapels, and cathedrals (plus a …


Cathedral of the Northern Lights

ALTA – The Cathedral of the Northern Lights, a spiralling structure perched in a Norwegian town in the Arctic Circle, was officially unveiled earlier this month.