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The rainbow engineer – Tokujin Yoshioka

TOKYO – Spectrum, the latest installation by artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka, builds a rainbow bridge across the boundaries of art, design and architecture.

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A three-way collaboration breaks down indoor and outdoor perceptions

DAVIS – West of Sacramento, the University of California’s new art museum has a patchwork roof that mimics the patterns from the surrounding farmland.

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Nio's sci-fi object grabs all the attention

PRATO – The size of the Centro Pecci museum has doubled thanks to Dutch architect Maurice Nio, whose signature marks the striking extension of the original building.


The Stedelijk’s Dream Out Loud exhibition dares to break the status quo

AMSTERDAM - An exhibition celebrating the talents of 26 young designers dares to break the status quo by asking critical questions about today’s most pressing issues. 


Jaime Hayon fashions quartz mask for Design Museum Holon

HOLON – Uniquely created for Design Museum Holon’s fifth anniversary with Caesarstone’s natural quartz, the Face Mirror reflects today’s focus on creativity being influenced by functionality.


Light and shadow activates Matt W. Moore's topographic mosaics at 886 Geary Gallery

SAN FRANCISCO – The ongoing solo exhibition SHADOVVS features the latest artworks by American designer Matt W. Moore.


James Bridle's disturbing codes unveiled in Berlin

BERLIN – The Glomar Response by James Bridle fits NOME gallery's aim to visualize interactions between modern technology and politics.


WAA introduces contemporary art culture in a location with no apparent grounding

YINCHUAN – An unexpected contemporary museum of art in wetlands alongside China’s Yellow River has been given a site-specific identity.



10,000 wooden sticks carve Ben Butler's Unbounded installation

HOUSTON – Commissioned by Rice University Art Gallery, a recent installation by artist Ben Butler mirrors how chaos and order can grow together and stay in balance in his latest …


Out Now

Elephant’s spring issue features a special-edition Elizabeth Peyton double-cover, featuring her works Kristian (2014) and Elias (2014), to celebrate the Paper Gallery of the artist’s new work, …


Proposal No. 6 by Jeremie Maret

BERLIN – A Zurich gallery occupies a space in Berlin to promote its new mobile exhibition concept.


A New Generation of Art Buyers Look Online

It’s probably trite to say that the Internet is transforming the very mechanisms that keep the art world ticking, but I’m going to say it anyway, because really: it’s the truth. Particularly, …