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Frame 116

Out Now: Frame #116 – 20 Years Framing the Future

In this special anniversary issue, Frame celebrates its 20 years of framing the future and leading the way in spatial design excellence.


Visit Copenhagen with MARK and FRAME

COPENHAGEN – Join us on an architecture and design trip for exclusive access to the latest inspirational projects in the Danish capital.

Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Frame 115

Out Now: Frame #115 - Retail Revolution

The March/April issue of Frame explores how physical retail spaces can remain relevant in an increasingly digital era. Find out more and pick up your copy.

Frame 114

Frame #114 is OUT NOW!

The Jan/Feb issue of Frame explores the most ground-breaking environments for learning, from offices structured like college campuses to hospitality venues that double as libraries.


The Design Museum's designer in residence, Rain Wu, uses food as a storytelling device

LONDON – Taiwanese architect Rain Wu teamed up with designer Shikai Tseng and chef Chung-Ho Tsai to create Eataipei, an experimental culinary experience consisting of five dishes that feed both …


Hublot Design Prize winner Christophe Guberan invests familiar materials with new meaning

Christophe Guberan explores the impact of new technologies on familiar materials such as paper, wood and textiles.


Hongjie Yang concocts an alternative aesthetic from a union of art, nature and science

EINDHOVEN – Hongjie Yang discusses lab-grown human materials, alternative aesthetics and the future of the industry. 


Promoting education backed by fun and games, AEI merges work and play in a Colombian school

BOGOTA – Inside the visually dynamic Omega Block building in Bogota – a complex made up of three buildings designed by Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos that currently houses the Colegio Anglo …

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Inside Yota Kakuda's cheese-tart shop, baked goods appear to float in midair

TOKYO – Having completed Bake Sendai earlier this year, Japanese designer Yota Kakuda created another cheese-tart outlet for Bake in Tokyo’s Kita-Senju district, this time inspired by the …


Kodai Iwamoto’s eco-friendly heater is a fine example of carbon-laced infrared radiation

LAUSANNE – You probably heard the term ‘infrared’ in that science class you attended aeons ago – but did you understand what it meant? The Chochin heater, designed by Kodai Iwamoto whilst …


Emma Wessel responds to urban space shortage with multifunctional interior solutions

EINDHOVEN – Global population growth is making living spaces in the urban jungle shrink to the size of a paltry patio. Dutch designer Emma Wessel believes a ‘lack of space in our cities calls …

Frame 113

Mi Zhang’s dust collection is an attempt to improve air quality in a polluted Chinese city

QUYANG – Thanks to its rich mineral resources, the city of Quyang in Northeast China boasts some of the largest mining and stone-working industries in the country.