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A luxurious monograph on the architecture, interiors and graphics of German designers 3deluxe.


Signage System For Adidas Laces

Stuttgart-based Büro Uebele developed a system for the Adidas headquarters that transforms letters into reliefs, partitions and even sculptural furnishings on walls and landings. ‘The...


Berchtesgaden Youth Hostel

A youth hostel near Munich, Germany, is debunking the myths of budget accommodation. With 91 beds, the hostel features bright colours, eco-friendly elements and plenty of storage. New...


25hours Hotel Hafencity

Located in Hamburg’s Hanfencity – an emerging city quartier – the 25hours Hotel offers its guests an unusual hotel experience. Designed by Stephen Williams Associates, the space’s...



You’ll have to hurry if you want to check out Hamburg’s Hypermarché shop – it’s only open until 24 December! The temporary concept store contains a lifestyle retail shop, bar and...


Stuttgart Library

It took 12 years before the new Stuttgart Library saw the light of day. ‘It wasn’t a problem,’ says architect Eun Young Yi. ‘We used the time to plan a great building.’ Located in...