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Curator’s Eye View: Shaun McDowell

Summer is the best time to delve straight into London’s art scene, which is more vibrant than ever.

Contemporary Art

New Summer Exhibitions at Fraenkel Gallery

Denizens of the West Coast art scene in the United States will no doubt be familiar with Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco.

Billboard Copenhagen trip
Billboard Copenhagen trip
Contemporary Art

Phantom Limbs at Pilar Corrias

As human existence becomes increasingly digitalised and virtual, there is a growing sense of paranoia about losing touch with material reality and the erosion of the “genuine”.


The Divine Comedy at MMK Frankfurt

Dante Alighieri wrote his epic poem The Divine Comedy between 1307 and 1321 during his period of exile from Florence, where he had his intellectual roots. His status as a political outcast moved him …

Contemporary Art

Spool at Ana Cristea Gallery

As the New York art scene is abuzz with talk of the Armory Show this frosty month, we’d like to draw your attention to some other smaller, exciting exhibitions happening in the Big Apple at the …

Contemporary Art

The Uneventful Day at Carroll / Fletcher

This week, a new group exhibition will open at Carroll / Fletcher, a Central London contemporary art gallery that supports exceptional emerging and established artists who work in a variety of media. …


If Walls Could Speak at the Frankendael Foundation

Many have been quick to lambast the ceaseless encroachment of urbanisation on the natural landscape, but few are willing to embrace the idea that architecture within the city can too reflect the rich …

Contemporary Art

Fusiform Gyrus at Lisson Gallery

Some might find the title of Lisson Gallery’s latest exhibition slightly puzzling. “Fusiform gyrus” refers to a part of the human brain that processes colour information, and recognises words, …

Frame Milan Design week
Frame Milan Design week

Sculptural Ceramics at Pangolin London

If you thought ceramics is a decidedly un-sexy, antediluvian art form, think again. Pangolin London is out to prove otherwise with an admirable endeavour to demonstrate the intersecting categories of …


Play: The Frivolous and the Serious

The me Collectors Room in Berlin houses objects and artworks acquired by Thomas Olbricht, who is also a respected chemist and endocrinologist. Like its founder, the collection is very much a maverick …


“Labour and Wait” at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

It has become trendy in recent years to denounce the widespread “McDonaldisation” of society and the loss of traditional professions that require one to work with one’s hands. “Labour and …


Framing Phantasm at Beam Contemporary

In March, we covered an exhibition featuring Natalya Hughes’ work at Beam Contemporary. The gallery continues to offer us disarmingly fresh work from Down Under with their summer show, Framing …