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Nick Leith-Smith: merging shopping experience and local culture for Manolo Blahnik

TOKYO – In more than 30 Manolo Blahnik stores around the world, Nick Leith-Smith translates the local context into a visual dialogue with the brand and its customers.


Walky Land adds whimsy to India Mahdavi’s romantic and girly Red Valentino aesthetic

HONG KONG – For Red Valentino’s new concept store, India Mahdavi’s pretty-in-pink interior hosts some vibrant wildlife in the Walky Land capsule collection.


Uber office embraces local juxtaposition of culture and modernity

HONG KONG – Designed by Bean Buro, Uber’s new workspace harmonizes the jangling worlds outside into a structured whole of individual parts.


Aedas Interiors reframes VMS Investment Group's Hong Kong headquarters

HONG KONG – For VMS Investment Group’s new headquarters in Hong Kong, Aedas Interiors drew inspiration from the look and feel of an art gallery.


One Plus Partnership translates social-media speak into a Hong Kong restaurant

HONG KONG – #OMG. It’s not an exclamation; it’s the name of an internet-inspired restaurant by One Plus Partnership. 


ARTTA beams colour onto the quiet streets of Fanling with its boutique cinema

FANLING – Hong Kong-based ARTTA Concept Studio designs its fourth boutique cinema commission for Golden Harvest.

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Kitsch comes out to play at Joyce Central by Paola Navone

HONG KONG – Following an overhaul by Paola Navone, Joyce Central – which has been the so-called  ‘epicentre’ of Hong Kong fashion since the 1970s – is a series of theatrical sets, no two …


Neri&Hu reinvents the staircase of Bloomberg’s office to maximise social interaction

HONG KONG – The original spiral staircase in Bloomberg’s office is transformed into a spacious flight of steps with hidden bespoke details.

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Nothing but white walls, glass and steel.

133 Wai Yip Street is MVRDV’s last exercise in transparency

HONG KONG – In China, the Dutch architects have just finished a glass building which is the last one in their exploration of glass as a primary material.


A grocery in Hong Kong breaks the colour code

HUNG HOM – At U&B, a Hong Kong grocery store, white is restricted to the floor, while orange dominates a space inspired by the fruit and veg for sale.

The firm identifies the design as ‘paying homage to quintessential British heritage’.

NC Design & Architecture conceals elite Hong Kong bar with umbrella boutique

HONG KONG – Handcrafted, ornate umbrellas presented within lavish glass displays characterise the façade of what appears to be a high-end store.

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TUVE hotel imparts tranquility with interplay of lighting and materials

HONG KONG – Design Systems brings a slice of Swedish tranquility to hotel guests amidst a bustling city centre.