Hong Kong

Kitsch comes out to play at Joyce Central by Paola Navone

HONG KONG – Following an overhaul by Paola Navone, Joyce Central – which has been the so-called  ‘epicentre’ of Hong Kong fashion since the 1970s – is a series of theatrical sets, no two …

A grocery in Hong Kong breaks the colour code

HUNG HOM – At U&B, a Hong Kong grocery store, white is restricted to the floor, while orange dominates a space inspired by the fruit and veg for sale.

Cos Urban Landscape by André Fu

Architect André Fu of AFSO was behind the launch of COS’s autumn-winter 2015 collection in Asia, which took place on the Upper Deck of Pier 4 in the Central district of Hong Kong.

Sohei Nishino's New Dioramas

Sohei Nishino’s second exhibition at Michael Hoppen Gallery presents more of his unique, intricate dioramas of cities, each composed of hundreds of photographs in an uncanny collage. Nishino crafts …