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The role of The Beach in the Retail Revolution

PARIS – Boutique retailer Colette leverages Snarkitecture’s The Beach to ride the wave in today’s digital age.


Nike+ Run Club lets you run in a Tron-like space

SHANGHAI – With immersive technology, the Nike+ Run Club pop-up hub in Times Square expands the indoor-running experience. 


Immersive exhibition by Tokyo's teamLab blends realities

LONDON – Now at the Pace Gallery: a waterfall escapes from the walls to cascade over your feet, while luminous flowers bloom all over the body.


Technology moves, reacts and pretends to be human – so what can it do for us?

TECHNOLOGY – Perhaps the greatest point of friction between man and machine is not hardware but software, which may replace its organic counterpart in terms of automated production …


A floating sheet creates social spaces for party-goers

BROOKLYN – Aaron Forrest and Yasmin Vobis of Ultramoderne spoke to Frame about their interior installation, Table's Clear, at the Architectural League's Beaux Art's Ball.


The Principals and Chris Watson question how sound influences our understanding of the world

DETROIT – How does what we hear define natural environments? It’s a question Brooklyn-based The Principals and sound recordist Chris Watson tackled with their Sound Journeys …


Estudio Guto Requena asks 'Can You Tell Me A Secret?'

SAO PAULO – An interactive installation in the immigration-flooded neighbourhood of Bom Retiro invites you to reveal your inner-most thoughts.

Ana Martins

A contemporary musical instrument translates participants' personalities into melodies

STOCKHOLM – Swedish theatre designer Johanna Mårtensson and composer Ida Lunden offer a contemporary take on the traditional pipe organ with the interactive musical instrument Orgel.


XTU Architects designs a multi-sensorial wine museum in Bordeaux

BORDEAUX - The wine capital of the world, Bordeaux, has firmly established itself with La Cité du Vin, an international wine museum that takes you on a multi-sensorial journey.


Architectural prism creates chromatic corridor amidst an urban landscape

Liz West continues her quest to create chromatic experiences as she captivates audiences with her colourful installations. Her latest work – Through No. 3 – can currently be seen on display in …

Frame 107

Save Lab's neuro-responsive installation Solaris lends form to the beauty of the mind

Liquefied thoughts. Two words that sum up Solaris, an interactive installation by Moscow-based Save Lab.

Art & Culture

Jacob Douenias and Ethan Frier fuel Living Things installation with algae

PITTSBURGH – Jacob Douenias and Ethan Frier concretely shape the theme of renewable resources with Living Things.