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Extracts from Jo Nagasaka's new book offer an exclusive preview into the designer's process

Take a look inside the new book of Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects. It offers readers insight into the Japanese designer's concepts and processes. Pre-order your copy now!


Jo Nagasaka describes the design process of Schemata Architects in his new book

Amsterdam – Frame's newest book is by Jo Nagasaka, offering insight into his creative design process and detailing the story of Schemata Architects. Pre-order now at 20% discount!

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Waveon Cafe by Heesoo Kwak / IDMM Architects. Photos Kim Jaeyoun

A high-density structure by Heesoo Kwak feels light enough to blow away

BUSAN – South Korea’s second most populated city is no stranger to modern architecture. Waveon beach cafe joins the concrete crusade on a hill that overlooks the glittering shore.

Frame 115

Five Days of Frame #115: Q&A with Penda’s Chris Precht

BEIJING – Web-exclusive: we hear more from the man who led the design of the Hongkun Art Auditorium, featured in our March/April issue.

Frame 115

Five Days of Frame #115: The performance that completed the architecture of OMA’s Faena Forum

MIAMI – It’s not every day you get a building as a dance partner. To kick-off the release of our March/April issue, we’ll be posting five days of web-exclusive content.


Schemata Architects broadens the sight of an outdated retail store

AGEO – A fashionable renovation has re-energized the Jins store by committing to the interior space as part of a wider site, rather than viewing it in isolation.


Soesthetic Group takes paper architecture off the page

KIEV – For their own office, Soesthetic Group designs a futuristic sci-fi space to be a blank canvas for multiple possibilities.

IJhal by Wiel Arets Architects. Photos Jan Bitter

Wiel Arets Architects uses mirrored elements to reflect the fluctuations of the water

AMSTERDAM – Amongst the restorations and extensions to the Dutch capital’s main train station, the IJ Hall sits at the northern-most point of the building under a canopy designed as …


Montalba embodies informal beauty for Raquel Allegra’s first ever boutique

LOS ANGELES – After becoming a steady fixture in the likes of Barneys, Liberty and Harvey Nichols, Raquel Allegra opens its first ever showroom and boutique in Los Angeles. 


The Principals and Chris Watson question how sound influences our understanding of the world

DETROIT – How does what we hear define natural environments? It’s a question Brooklyn-based The Principals and sound recordist Chris Watson tackled with their Sound Journeys …

Farmhouse by Zecc Architecten. Photos StijnStijl Fotografie

Zecc Architecten blurs the connection between inside and outside

UTRECHT – A former dairy farm is penetrated with a new extension, turning the typical old-school farmhouse into a modern residence with a traditional aesthetic.


Wülser Bechtel offers salon-goers ever-changing scenes in Zurich

ZURICH – When sculpting a salon on Zurich’s bustling Talstraße, Wülser Bechtel Architekten took note of the site-specific soundtrack – both indoors and out.