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An area typically densely populated with traffic was converted into a cozy, intimate space.

Literature vs. Traffic Installation by Luzinterruptus

For its latest installation, Madrid-based collective Luzinterruptus ventured to Melbourne to create a ‘river of books.’

‘We wanted the whole world to be able to see what we were doing and how we were doing it,’ Luzinterruptus designers say.

Oh, Plastiksack Installation by Luzinterruptus

For its most recent ‘intervention,’ Madrid-based design collective Luzinterruptus traveled to Switzerland to take over a museum’s entrance with a thought-provoking – and recycling-savvy – …

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Measuring 6-by-4m, a luminous blue installation by Luzinterruptus evokes the swimming pool that once stood here.

Public Swimming Pool on a Background of a Field of Barley by Luzinterruptus

In Madrid’s La Latina district, a luminous blue installation by Spanish collective Luzinterruptus commemorates the public swimming pool that once occupied the same space on the Plaza de la Cebada.

An entire Madrid street was converted into an installation at night.

Bicycles Seeking Owners

Bicyclers in Madrid might agree that the Spanish capital isn’t synonymous with being cycle-friendly. 

The installation highlights the effects of lighting pollution.

Mutant Weeds

Spanish collective Luzinterruptus’ latest intervention in Madrid is a response to the increasing concern of lighting pollution.

Instead of water, streams of luminous glass bottles streamed from the fountainhead.

Drinking Water Running Through the Streets

The team at Spanish ‘anonymous collective’ Luzinterruptus certainly know a thing or two about using light installations to enliven moribund public urban spaces.

Radioactive Control was shown during the Dockville Festival in Hamburg.

Radioactive Control

During the Dockville Festival in Hamburg, Luzinterruptus produced a sense of paranoia with its latest – and last – intervention.

The installation was used to teach Warsaw citizens about a new recycling program.

Recycling Sunday

An installation that lasted just 12 hours used 1000 garbage bags to teach a whole city a new lesson.

Eighty lit presences populated the water.

Floating Presences

Last month Luzinterruptus took part in the Rizoma Film Festival in Molinicos, a small village in the province of Albacete. The area is remembered as the setting for the 22-year-old mythical Spanish …