Oh, Plastiksack Installation by Luzinterruptus

For its most recent ‘intervention,’ Madrid-based design collective Luzinterruptus traveled to Switzerland to take over a museum’s entrance with a thought-provoking – and recycling-savvy – …

Bicycles Seeking Owners

Bicyclers in Madrid might agree that the Spanish capital isn’t synonymous with being cycle-friendly. 

Mutant Weeds

Spanish collective Luzinterruptus’ latest intervention in Madrid is a response to the increasing concern of lighting pollution.

Drinking Water Running Through the Streets

The team at Spanish ‘anonymous collective’ Luzinterruptus certainly know a thing or two about using light installations to enliven moribund public urban spaces.

Radioactive Control

During the Dockville Festival in Hamburg, Luzinterruptus produced a sense of paranoia with its latest – and last – intervention.

Recycling Sunday

An installation that lasted just 12 hours used 1000 garbage bags to teach a whole city a new lesson.

Floating Presences

Last month Luzinterruptus took part in the Rizoma Film Festival in Molinicos, a small village in the province of Albacete. The area is remembered as the setting for the 22-year-old mythical Spanish …