Elephant #8

Autumn 2011

This is particularly restless issue. We travel to Amsterdam to find out how artists and designers - from young painter Esiri Erheriene-Essi ('I wanted the viewer to have such an overload of information that it became a chainsaw to the brain') to veteran designers Mevis & Van Deursen ('Underground no longer exists in this world of social media') - are refusing to give in to their new government's negative attitude towards the arts and continuing to produce great work regardless of government subsidies. We check out the political climate in Cairo in the company of Egyptian video artist Jasmina Metwaly and Dutch graphic artist Bart de Baets. We crisscross New York at night in the company of photographer David S. Allee, and follow ever restless artists such as Hans Op de Beeck and John Baldessari as they move around their studios. We try to summarize things, try to make them seem simple, by analysing the work of masters of simplicity such as Noma Bar, James Joyce and Magnus Voll Mathiassen (MVM). Finally, after all this frantic activity, we sit down and contemplate all the other things we could have done, and all the books we could have written about the things we could have done... Of course, we do that in the company of Harland Miller.

Part 1: Open Files
Yu Jinyoung, Jason Mclean, Zilla Leutenegger, Davide LaRocca, Beatriz Milhazes, Kevin Cosgrove, Masaharu Sato, Sophie Jodoin, Ronit Baranga, Raphaël Dallaporta

Part 2: Studio Visits
Stephanie Beck: Movement Through Space
Eric White: Windows Onto Windows Onto
Frith Kerr (Studio Frith): Inbuilt Perfections
Carolin Jörg: Drawing the Franco-German line
Matt Bollinger: Kansas City Revisited
Jasmina Metwaly: The Urgency of the Real
Rune Guneriussen: Making Pictures

Part 3: Research
SIMPLE ? EASY - Call It Minimalism, by Ana Ibarra, featuring interviews with and work by: Noma Bar, James Joyce, James Graham, Jez Burrows, Magnus Voll Mathiassen (MVM), Jason Munn, Brandon Schaefer, Albert Exergian

Part 4: Meetings
Hans Op de Beeck: Enjoy the Silence, by Margherita Dessanay
Harland Miller: The Future of Nostalgia, by Marc Valli
David S. Allee: Mining the Light, by Katya Tylevich
John Baldessari: One Guy's Laughing, by Katya Tylevich

Part 5: Destinations: Amsterdam
by Marc Valli
Featuring interview with and work by:
Mevis & Van Deursen: Tea in the Red Light District
Jacco Olivier: Motion Painting
Nik Christensen: Defining Moments
Kustaa Saksi: Street Theatre
Maurice van Tellingen: The Imitation of Life
Kim Boske: Stories
Marloes Krijnen: What's Next
Esiri Erheriene-Essi: Fin de Partie
Bart de Baets: Time For Something Else

Part 6: Thoughts (not final)
The Elephant in the Room, by Limited Language (Colin Davies and Monika Parrinder)