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Out Now: Mark #65

Mark #65 sees the realisation of the highly anticipated Port House in Antwerp by Zaha Hadid Architects. Are interventions always so dramatic?

Mark #64 is Out Now

The age-old issue of housing supply and the decade-old issue of mass-image consumption. Two topics that have affected the architectural industry separately but if looked at under a different lens, …

Mark 62 is Out Now

Realisation while flipping through the pages of our new issue: architecture is diverse. And so is this issue of Mark. The world is full of contradictions.

Mark #61 is Out Now

In Mark #61, we take a look at how architecture can influence government activity with a sneak-peek into architectural office XML’s forthcoming book Parliaments.

Mark #60 is Out Now

In Mark #60, we take a leisurely train journey across the Netherlands and stop at the nation’s upgraded train stations along the way.

Mark Issue #59 is Out Now

Nature meets culture in the December/January issue, Step into the Madhouse.

Mark Issue #58 Out Now

Mark #58 jumps to Japan where we take a look at how Jun Igarashi makes the most of small spaces. He has recently completed three houses, which showcase a raw minimalistic design, on the island of …

Mark Issue #57 Out Now

When it comes to Expo 2015, Milan seems to be unaffected by the economic crisis. Giovanna Dunmall describes the event as ‘an extravagant temple to consumption, waste and the corporate dollar’. …