Ritratti, the title of the book, means portraits in Italian.

Ritratti by Foscarini

Publication Features Products in Different Light

Ritratti, a book produced by Foscarini, takes a renewed approach to the standard catalogue. Driven by the desire of the …

HUB is designed to be customized day by day, recognizing our need to personalize the spaces that we occupy for many hours a day.

HUB by Matteo Ragni Design

Work Space Promotes Connectivity

Hub is an office system created for today's contemporary world, accommodating the shifting boundaries between design work and …


Day & Night Lamp by Éléonore Delisse

Coloured Illumination Balances Hourly Mood

Day and Night Lamp by designer Éleonore Delisse equally serves the insomniac and the early morning grouch – and everyone who …

Arsham's approach sees him working from sculpture to architecture, following a distinctive, materials-based process.

Formless Figures by Daniel Arsham

Shaping Surface and Space In Unexpected Ways

Artist and architect Daniel Arsham is a master of form, conjuring contemporary consumer objects into archeological artefacts …

Submit innovative work for the Product, Communication, Habitat, Fashion, Design Research and Service & Systems categories until April 7th.

Win a Dutch Design Award

Submit Innovative Dutch Designs for Coveted Prize

Did you create a design work during the past year that is innovative, generates impact and measures up to that of the best …

Once invisible elements are given a twist, turning them into a DIY project's main event. Photo Ilco Kemmere

Construct Me! by Droog

Forgotten Hardware Receives its Glow-in-the-Dark Moment

At Milan Design Week 2015, the category of hardware was given more than a passing glance by Amsterdam-based design studio …