Steirereck’s extension is a series of narrow dining rooms shaped around individual tables.

Steirereck by PPAG

Restaurant Extension Reforms the Dining Room

When one of the best restaurants in the world hosts a design competition, the results are sure to turn heads.

'For us, the concept of the market hall is highly contemporary,' explains Lieve Vandeweert, 'a large, open, and light space in which people come together.'

Gaggenau at Biennale Interieur

Visitors Meet within Temporary Market Hall

Gaggenau returns to its brand's roots in the Black Forest town of Gaggenau with an open wooden structure at Biennale Interieur.

Contemporary displays within the London store show an exploded axonometric of a Joseph Cheaney & Sons shoe.

Joseph Cheaney & Sons by Checkland Kindleysides

Store Showcases Production Process to Celebrate Shoemaker's Craft

The London flagship store of Joseph Cheaney & Sons, a traditional English shoe brand that has been in business for over 125 …

Daphna Laurens' Flat Light plays with optical depth.

DDW: Dutch Invertuals

Design Collective Creates Cohesion

Design collective Dutch Invertuals explores light and spaciousness during the ongoing Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

The project fills a previously undeveloped plot in the dense residential neighbourhood of Galtzaraborda.

Urban Link by VAUMM

Parking Structure Resolves Urban Deficiencies

Spanish architects VAUMM completed a multipurpose structure to address connectivity and accessibility problems in Errenteria.