60 Series by XYZ

Playing with gravity, Georgia-based XYZ Integrated Architecture designed 60 Series – furniture teetering at an alarming 60-degree angle. By reinterpreting modernist structures, slanted chairs and tables are given new meaning. Set in direct light, these limited-edition pieces extend their geometry. ‘Shadows are to space what clocks are to time,’ explains XYZ principal Levan Lominashvili.

Though created with traditional techniques – smoothing, sawing, gluing and soldering – 60 Series is anything but conventional. At first glance, blue-coated steel, mahogany and leather-upholstered furnishings appear to be collapsing but strategically placed supports ensure safety.

Photos Nakai Mamasaxlisi

Billboard: CFE Goods 3
Billboard: CFE Goods 3

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