72DP Parking Lot

A drab, concrete parking lot has been covered into an eye-popping display of colour in Sydney, Australia.

The large-scale mural has been realized by illustrating duo Craig & Karl. Painted geometric forms overlap on the floors, walls and ceiling, enlivening the space with dynamic colour.

‘Our objective was to breathe new life into the space which, having been rendered in concrete with little inlet of natural light, felt quite dark and heavy,’ say Craig Redman and Karl Maier of Craig & Karl.

They left some walls blank with the intention that these spaces could be covered with new commissions in the future. The car park is located below a residence building in Darling Point, Sydney, which was realized by Marsh Cashman Koolloos.

Redman and Maier live in New York and Sydney respectively; despite living on opposite sides of the world, they collaborate daily to create illustrations, installations and typographic patterns.

Photos courtesy Katherine Lu.

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