Best Reads of the Week

Art, Architecture and Design Reads From Around the World

This week, we came across stories about architects starring in superhero comics, the history of American suburbs, making installation art about Syria and Lebanon, "ruin porn" photography, and, of course, 3D printing. 

Walkable urbanism and foreign policy
Emily Badger The Atlantic Cities 
The rise of suburbs to fight communism and the new revolution in neighbourhoods that America needs.  

Disaster Photography: When is Documentary Exploitation?
Richard B. Woodward ARTnews
On the ethical questions of "ruin porn" in crumbling American cities where regular people live and work. 

Batman Vs. Koolhaas
Martin Filler The New York Review of Books
A review of the new graphic novel Batman: Death by Design, and superhero comics as seen through the eyes of architects.

An Accidental Orientalist: Tom Bogaert in Conversation With Anthony Downey
Anthony Downey Ibraaz 
The Belgian artist and former lawyer for the United Nations talks about making contemporary installation art in and about the Middle East.  

The 3d printing revolution has begun
Brenda Bouw The Globe and Mail
How much can 3D printing affect Canada's ailing manufacturing sector?