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Children's Playhouse

by Architects Anna & Eugeni Bach

When asked by their children to make a playhouse, architects Anna and Eugeni Bach realized a project commissioned, quite simply, by their son and daughter.

Building something from scratch with their own hands allowed the experienced professionals to create a hideaway conceived for a pair of unusual clients. Two architects/builders aided by two clients/helpers explored their grandparents’ farm and chose a site for a small wooden cottage. It’s made of spruce trees sourced from trees planted by the children’s great-grandfather and felled by their grandfather.

According to the Bachs, the 13.5-sq-m playhouse, which was realized on a budget of only €800, features ‘traditional construction techniques used in Finnish barns.’ A nail’s distance was left between slats for ventilation and a roofing system made of simple overlapping grooved wooden planks prevents water from entering.

The small-scale interior, designed for small-scale people, is composed of two parts that mirror each other except in headroom; a double-height side allows adults to enter easily, and the other side is divided into two levels connected by a sturdy ladder stair. The final result comes right out of a fairy tale book. The physical consequence of an impressive didactic process encouraged two persuasive kids to roll up their sleeves and give shape to their dreams.

Photos courtesy Tiia Ettala.

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