Color Field by Ivan Toth Depeña

A vibrant installation by artist Ivan Toth Depeña is dazzling commuters of the West Rail Line in a suburb outside of Denver, Colorado. A grove of tree-like structures with transparent foliage sprung up at Lakewood’s Federal Station. Arranged to form a three dimensional composition, the geometric panes of laminated, tempered glass are attached to arms branching from 18 free-standing steel posts.

With some help from the sun, the immediate surroundings are transformed into an experiential kaleidoscope. As daylight passes through the brightly hued panels, bands of colourful light are cast upon the 100 feet of winding pedestrian paths, ramps and stairs throughout the day, adding spice to the banal site. LEDs are embedded into the armatures, illuminating the lucid sheets to form a glowing mosaic in the night.

Photos Ivan Toth Depeña

Billboard: CFE Goods 3
Billboard: CFE Goods 3

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