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Coordination Asia lets solvers take a crack at a glass maze

SHANGHAI – At this point, we can safely say the G in G+Park stands for growing, not glass. Coordination Asia's latest addition to the glass-centric campus is a strategic layering of illumination, mirrors and transparent walls which materialise for a tricky spatial puzzle.

Again taking a crack at the fragile compound which already contains museum collections for kids, the general public and design connoisseurs, studio founder Tilman Thürmer explains: 'We wanted to create a playground that still fits the G+PARK world. We didn’t want it to be like other mazes where everything looks the same – the use of glass and mirrors make this a different experience entirely.'

And with 318 panels of either mirrors, patterned black mirror glass and transparent glass emblazoned with glowing geometric shapes, Thürmer successfully gives unsuspecting solvers a run for their maze solving skills. Darkened for good measure, the 575-sq-m space's floor is spotted with downlights while the walls appear imprinted with an endless row of LED-lid X's, O's, triangles or stars.

Besides the conventional rule of 'finding the exit', Thürmer's version of the ancient game involves the addition of another challenge. Eight embossing presses embedded with a different geometry stand amid the arrangement. At the onset of the maze, solvers receive a card with a grid of shapes which should be matched with its corresponding press and stamped. Complete the card and get a certificate. The task may sound simple enough, but don't bash it till you've tried it.

Photos Coordination Asia