Density by Liu Wei

The dominating forms – a cube, a sphere and a prism among them – appear to have fallen from the sky in Liu Wei’s installation in the White Cube Mason’s Yard, London.

The Chinese artist retrieves debris from the urban landscape to create large-scale sculptural and architectural installations. The dense arrangement of materials such as scrap metal, wooden slats and book pages are barely identifiable in his sculptures. The overbearing objects reference crowded urban areas, a theme that Wei often returns to in his work.

Surrounding the freestanding sculptures are a series of wall-based installations which also incorporate waste materials. Designed digitally, his large-scale ‘paintings’ also use minimal lines and forms.   

Density will run until the 15 March 2014 in the White Cube Mason's Yard, London.

Photos Jack Hems, courtesy of White Cube

Billboard: Summer Sale 17
Billboard: Summer Sale 17

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