Dental Bliss by Integrated Field Co.

A reception room resembling a mouthful of teeth and gauzy curtained rooms invite patients at a Bangkok clinic to sit back and enjoy their trip to the dentist.

Thai firm Integrated Field Co. designed the Dental Bliss clinic as a relaxing and warm environment, with removable curtains that create flexible rooms to emphasize the visitor’s comfort.

An altered reception space dubbed the ‘tooth unit’ is studded with stackable white blocks covered in white leather. Visitors can rearrange the blocks to make armchairs or stools, while mirrored walls and skylights embedded in the ceiling enlarge the space and provide a mix of natural lighting.  

In the treatment rooms, semi-transparent, removable curtains create spa-like sanctions for patients, and warm white light gives the rooms an ethereal glow.

Photos courtesy Integrated Field Co.

Billboard: Summer Sale 17
Billboard: Summer Sale 17

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