Eenmaal and Studio Job at Lensvelt HUB

The world's first one-person restaurant conceived by Marina van Goor will pop-up inside Amsterdam's Lensvelt HUB within a setting stylized by Studio Job. Named for the Dutch word 'single' or 'one meal', Eenmaal is filled with tables which can only accommodate one diner at a time. The restaurant's dining experience begins with a cocktail amidst fellow diners in a group setting and then an escort brings diners to their solitary table. Diners are asked to put away their cell phones for the entire duration of the three-course meal, giving them the chance to appreciate the delicious, hand-selected menu. Inside one of Amsterdam's typical canal houses,  Dutch designer Job Smeets stylized a contemporary ambiance with Studio Job's furniture collection. The restaurant concept challenges the taboo associated with eating alone, and based on the venue's success over the past year, it seems to be working.

Eenmaal will be open from 28–30 November at Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam.

Billboard: CFE Goods 3
Billboard: CFE Goods 3

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