Emma Wessel responds to urban space shortage with multifunctional interior solutions

EINDHOVEN – Global population growth is making living spaces in the urban jungle shrink to the size of a paltry patio. Dutch designer Emma Wessel, graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, believes a ‘lack of space in our cities calls for a more versatile use of interior products’. Her contribution to the dilemma is Palettes, a reference to the painter’s mixing slab. Wessel created her collection of rugs and room dividers with pint-size apartments in mind. Playing with colour and shape, she gave each ‘lively surface for a living space’ more than a single purpose.

Palettes consists of woven surfaces composed of synthetic and cotton rope (the weft) and wood (the warp). The contrast between natural and man-made materials, and between hard and soft, led the way to her adaptable pieces, which encourage small spaces to think big.