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Estudio Borrachia explores the relationship between nature and architecture

­­BUENOS AIRES — Estudio Borrachia has been working on a series of buildings that attempt to bring the relationship of nature and people – or architecture – into attention. The ‘wood house’ is one manifestation of this exploration. The brief called for a weekend house to accommodate a family of four, set in the Barrio Parque El Remanso. Due to the building location and programme, this iteration was destined to be directly connected to a natural environment.

The architect went to the effort of using primarily wood for the holiday pavilion’s structure and finishing. Due to its size, the narrow building has passive ventilation that can be embraced by way of opening a door on either side of the 10-m-wide floor plan. The timber roof is at once structure, garden and finished surface. Exposed triangulated timber beams span the short axis of the building, with troughs containing soil for planting a garden – adding a further layer of nature onto the architectural edifice.

The simple planning of the structure includes two bedrooms, a kitchen and living spaces which open directly onto built outdoor spaces – fitting within the rectangular grid of the building. Typical of the pavilion typology, the single-storey house achieves a visual connection to the landscape by having a large expanse of glazing, while also being physically connected through a direct relationship between the ground plane of the immediate context and the interior – allowing its inhabitants to step right out into nature.

Photos courtesy of Estudio Borrachia/Fernando Schapochnik