Hotel Cappuccino in Seoul caters to the eco-conscious traveller

Responsibility is cool. It may sound a bit forced, but Hotel Cappuccino in Seoul, South Korea, made those three words a core value of its brand and went on to implement the concept with an elegance and casual flair that is winning the loyalty of a new class of international and domestic travellers. Cappuccino’s ‘frequent flyers’ are young, confident, creative and forward-thinking. What’s more, they seem to care about the causes and effects of their actions.

They also like to share experiences. As one of South Korea’s first lifestyle accommodations, Hotel Cappuccino plays right into the palms of their hand-held devices. It offers a trendy array of styled, themed and well-tailored rooms, designed by Kidea Partners. Exemplifying the hotel’s focus on responsibility are rooms dedicated to ‘free-cycling’ and ‘up-cycling’, where guests discover a selection of amusingly repurposed materials and furnishings.

The sharing-is-caring philosophy underpins the hotel’s Shared Value programme. Guests are invited, for example, to deposit items of clothing in a Share Your Clothes box in the lobby. When you tap the security sensor next to the hotel’s Angel Elevator, an extra charge is added to your bill. As you check out, you decide how much of that vertical-transport amount will go to charity.

At Hotel Cappuccino, stylish surroundings, friendly faces and ideas for a greener, kinder world combine to make responsibility look pretty cool.

This project was featured in Frame 112. Find your copy in the Frame Store.

This article was featured in:

Frame 112

Frame 112

The August/September issue checks in to the hospitality scene to explore tailor-made hotel concepts for millennial travellers.


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