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'We began by questioning the creation of a product by taking a disruptive point of view. The description of ‘product’ is so broad – it encompasses everything from a single object to spatial relationships between multiple objects,' says Morgan Maccari, cre

Bonsoir Paris illuminates the cover of Frame #105

Frame asked Bonsoir Paris to put this issue’s game-changing theme into a series of images. The studio’s founder and creative …

‘One of the main ideas was about the essence of perfume – the chemistry that goes into it,’ says Dean Pike, cofounder of up-and-coming architecture practice Al-Jawad Pike.

Al-Jawad Pike's winning windows for perfumer Penhaligon's lead to UK roll-out

'One of the main ideas was about the essence of perfume'

LONDON – Rather than opting for a simple presentation of products, the studio designed and built twin lattices made from copper …

Touching Memories is Nordin's graduation project from Beckmans College of Design. Photo Martin Skoog

Introducing: designer Greta Nordin

'I want the object to create a relationship with its user'

Recently graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Greta Nordin adds a dimension of tactility which attracts users …