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‘What does the model do?’ is the title of Sander Manse’s thesis on the history and role of models within architecture and design.

Folding Structures by Sander Manse

Thesis Credits the Model as an Autonomous Object

'What does the model do?' That’s the title of Sander Manse’s thesis on the history and role of (scale) models within …

The New Delhi boutique of Indian jeweller Nirav Modi by Jaime Hayon of Hayon Studio.

Nirav Modi Store by Hayon Studio

Spanish Designer Creates an Experience for Indian Jeweller in New Delhi

Nirav Modi's name might be relatively fresh to the world stage, but it took the brand's Indian-born, Belgium-raised founder …

Released under the label mphvs, Contra • dictions is the first complete fashion collection by Martijn van Strien.

Mphvs by Martijn van Strien

Designer Launches a Laser-Cut Fashion Collection

Textile innovator and DAE graduate Martijn van Strien continues his forward-looking materials research with the launch of …

Strange Plants by Zioxla features the work of 25 artists who focus on plants in their work.

Strange Plants by Zioxla

Book Illustrates the Green Fingers of Contemporary Artists

With Strange Plants, Barcelona-based creative agency and indie publishing house Zioxla celebrates the aesthetic force of flora in …

Bob Dornberger set up Secret Restaurant at Gamble House in Pasadena, California. Photo Nathan Halliday

Secret Restaurant by Bob Dornberger

Artist Encourages Diners to Eat not Shoot

Bob Dornberger has taken a stand against guests who prefer to photograph their food rather than eat it.