Lake Baikal Land Art by Jim Denevan

Siberian Lake Serves as Canvas

Land artist Jim Denevan has created the world's largest work of art to date.

Spanning 31-km-sq, the project is a 'drawing' on the frozen surface of the Siberian Lake Baikal. It surpasses Denevan's previous record of a 23-km-sq artwork.

The creative process of Denevan and his crew of eight was filmed by director Meredith Danluck for the Art Harddocumentary, which premiered 17 December at the Nevada Museum of Art. The film depicts the human challenges and emotional effects of working under nature's extreme conditions that surrounded the execution of the work.

A series of circles impressed on the ice was based on the Fibonacci sequence, a number pattern present in many of nature's forms. Denevan says whether he works on ice, sand or earth, he likes to think of the medium as a 'constantly refreshed piece of paper.'

The final massive Lake Baikal drawing dissolved after a few months, due to weather conditions.

The project and the documentary were supprted by the artistic platform The Anthropologist.

Images courtesy Jim Denevan.



OMG this is amazing. Thank you for your mind and the light spark that lives within. To do something on a level of this type you are truly all Gods and Goddesses.


There is a book by Radius Books (co-published by The Anthropologist) that is about this project. It includes a DVD. Here ya go!

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