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Lukstudio mimics Shanghai's streetscape with a store of meandering paths

SHANGHAI – For Value Retail China's concept brand Chuang x Yi, Christina Luk of Lukstudio channels the city's signature streets which run between rows of houses.

The brand was formulated by Value Retail China to act as a platform for China's budding and established fashion designers. To represent their mission, the mother brand desired a retail experience which represents its roots in Shanghai.

Traversing the 150-sq-m store is a metallic skeleton with a mosaic of cubic and rectangular racks. The open framework cordons off spaces such as the waiting lounge, dressing rooms, cashier counter and service area while forming a backdrop reminiscent of the silhouettes created by the lilong, the vernacular structures for living which easily adapt to changing needs. Drawing from their adaptability, the store's structure is a kit-of-parts which can be disassembled and reassembled if the store needs to change its location.

Copper struts within the larger structure hold garments and accessories, mimicing the laundry lines strewn along the residential neighbourhoods of Shangai. White moulded boxes are inserted at random for additional moments to highlight items on display while bamboo rattan panels act as an intermittent screens amid the overall compostition.

Shikumen, which are traditional stone gates, are interpreted with voids within the base of the construct. Grey tiles pave the approach to and internal surfaces of the portals. Ball pendant lights and retro wall sconces mimic street lighting for an urban essence.

Project info
Value Retail China
Location Shanghai Village, 88 Shendi East Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Net area 150-sq-m
Interior and lighting design LUKSTUDIO
Design team Christina Luk, Marcello Chiado Rana, Alba Beroiz Blazquez
Display furniture and custom lighting TIWU design
Lounge furniture Lost and Found, MRT
Design January 2016–February 2016
Construction March 2016

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Photos Dirk Weiblen