Patterned glass by Scholten & Baijings adds a new dimension to today’s interiors

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings – the duo behind Scholten & Baijings – continually demonstrate an ability to add a dollop of charm to almost any object with their signature twist of colour and geometry. Now it’s the turn of surfaces. Glass Gradients, created for Skyline Design and presented at NeoCon in Chicago, features a range of patterns based on two simple forms: a dot and a square. These have been etched and printed on glass, available in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours that offer a sequence of moods and privacy levels from ‘keep out’ to ‘come in’. It’s a cute, consistent design solution that’s simultaneously easy on the eye and mysteriously impenetrable. Open-plan offices will never be the same again.

Photo John R. Boehm

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Frame 112

Frame 112

The August/September issue checks in to the hospitality scene to explore tailor-made hotel concepts for millennial travellers.


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