Ring Installation

With Paris’ Place Vendome as a backdrop, a dynamic installation made fully of mirrored cubes brought glistening appeal to the historic location.

‘The installation took into consideration the urban space networking – rhythm, flow, organization and spatial hierarchy,’ explained designer Arnaud LaPierre. ‘It changed the relationships between individuals and the space they’re going through.’

Each mirrored cube reflected its surroundings, which reconstructed a paradigm that broke the traditional view of the busy Parisian square. As visitors approached the installation, they were confronted with their own image multiplied exponentially, colliding with the urban surrounding.

‘It was then a place outside time and outside spatiality, in total rupture with the outside principle,’ LaPierre said. ‘The vision was more intimate.’

The installation stretched 5500 by 4000 mm. It was on show at Paris’ Foire Internationale D'art Contemporain earlier this month.

Billboard: Summer Sale 17
Billboard: Summer Sale 17

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