Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata

The eclectic M Social in Singapore caters to the needs of millennials on the move

In the age of Airbnb – which is seeing more and more of us home-staying our way across the globe – M Social in Singapore offers an unforgettable hotel experience for the millennial mover and shaker.

Recognizing that today’s millennial traveller is hyper-connected, socially influenced and socially influential, designer Philippe Starck drew together an eclectic mix of what he calls ‘creativity, humour and love’ in a hospitality project that can only be described as an intriguing ‘explosion of energy’.

Rooms, designated simply as Nice and Nicer, Big and Bigger, allow for an easy interchangeability among work, play, read and sleep. According to Starck, M Social is the spot where ‘elegance, creativity and technology meet to offer a unique experience to our global smart tribe’.

Appealing to the social inclinations of millen-gen nomads are communal spaces that beg to be filled with genial guests – and shared. The hotel’s Beast & Butterflies restaurant and bar is a veritable spectacle of painted murals, lava lamps, retro furniture, elaborate chandeliers and illuminated alabaster tables. All designed to encourage meeting and mingling, conviviality and community.

For the archetypal millennial, M Social is a dance party for the senses. For the rising group of customers who prefer an anti-data experience, however, it may prove just a little too loud . . . but that’s a conversation for another time.

Photos courtesy of M Social Singapore 

This project was featured in Frame 112. Find your copy in the Frame Store 


This project will also appear in Night Fever 5, which will be hitting the shops in December. This book jam-packed with inspiring hospitality design projects showcasing destinations to drink, dine and dream. It will be available for pre-order (at 20% discount) before the end of November 2016. To be notified of its release, please get in touch:

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata

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