The building’s facade catches the eye while staying minimal and sober.

The Out NYC by Paul C. Dominguez

A New York City hotel has a nightlife-oriented attitude.

On approach, the building’s façade is marked by a sleek, glowing rectangular pattern that subtly catches the eye without being overly intrusive – much like an exclusive nightclub. The motif also echoes through the urban resort’s interior, tied together by an elegant minimalism yet specifically designed according to their function.

Rooms in The Out NYC open to an inner grassy courtyard, which provides a tactile feedback that breaks from the sharp edges and white lights outside. Furthermore, the 465-sq-m spa (available to hotel guests only) features warn wooden floors and walls that seem to ease into relaxation, further enhanced by 5m waterfall. 

Designer Paul C. Dominguez of Parkview Developers opted for a compact low-rise format that’s able to match the urban location with the perks of an exotic escapade. The resort sets out to become a landmark in the city’s thriving Hell’s Kitchen gay scene.

Photos courtesy M. Biernat.