Tisse Métis Égal by PLUX.5

Pop-up Project Celebrates History

In Montreal, an architectural installation encouraged Quebecers to look at their city’s landscape from a new point of view.

Until this past week, the massive slanted hexagonal form sat in the centre of Reford Gardens. Its walls were covered with triangular perforations, intended to remind of traditional Quebecois arrowhead ornamentation.

‘Erected in the heart of the historical district, the contemporary installation acted as a bright coloured filter that transformed our perception of the surrounding environment,’ says designer Olivier Bourgeois of Montreal-based studio PLUX.5. ‘Inside, visitors were immersed in a play of shadows and light that shaped their understanding of the work and its surrounding elements.’

The project was created as part of the Tisse Métis Égal exhibition dedicated to traditions in Quebec’s history. The designers say the installation’s concept created a modern interpretation of traditions ‘through a contemporary lens.’

Photos courtesy Alexandre Guilbeault.


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