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150,000mm Installation

A pop-up installation in Oslo is a made of 150m of coloured thread. Tinted red, yellow and pink, the thread was divided into three sections of 50,000mm. Designers Julian Preiss and Paul le...


SpareBank 1 SR-Bank Offices

The newly refurbished office of Norway’s biggest saving bank, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, is an intensely blue-hued space. ‘Our client wanted to go from confined offices spaces to an open...


Kilden Performing Arts Centre

In Kristiansand, Norway, a concert hall and theatre is the city’s new cultural and architectural landmark. The structure has a striking cantilevered roof which covers the foyer and...


Squish Studio

Norway-based architect Todd Saunders is realizing a series of seven projects on Fogo Island, a small beacon on Canada’s Atlantic coast. One of the buildings is Squish Studio, an...


Tower Studio

Architect Todd Saunders is realizing seven projects – six studios and an inn – on Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada. We've shown the first, Squish Studio in Tiltin; the second...


The Arch Cultural Centre

In the picturesque town of Mandal, about 365km south of Oslo, a new cultural centre is seeking to fuse Norway’s traditions with modern functions. Dubbed The Arch, the centre is located in...