Artist Evan Hecox covers new 'Terrain'

American artist Evan Hecox is on the move, from his base in Denver, Colorada in the United States to the Netherlands. He’s covering new ground, first at his exhibition Terrain at Andenken Gallery …

Jiří Dokoupil Interview

Jiří Dokoupil reinvents painting with vibrant canvases covered in soap-bubble traces.

Pigmented Patterns by Jack Vanzet

Art and music have been inextricably intertwined since the year dot, and so it is the case in the life of Jack Vanzet. Based in Melbourne, he is both musically minded and gifted with an artistic …

Everybodywilldanceifwe’ redoingitright by Markus Linnenbrink

Visitors to a Markus Linnenbrink exhibition will find it hard to believe that the German-born artist, now a resident of Brooklyn, once favoured black and white and shunned anything chromatic – even …

A New Generation of Art Buyers Look Online

It’s probably trite to say that the Internet is transforming the very mechanisms that keep the art world ticking, but I’m going to say it anyway, because really: it’s the truth. Particularly, …

Driss Ouadahi at Lawrie Shabibi

Dubai gallery Lawrie Shabibi’s stated commitment to exhibiting the work of artists from Asia and the Arab world is manifested in a second solo show for Algerian artist Driss Ouadahi, whose …

Out Now: Re: Society

Frame Publishers has just released a new title to celebrate the 40 years of collecting art at ING.

Same As It Ever Was by Alex Gene Morrison

Alex Gene Morrison is known primarily for his painting and video works, which amalgamate different genres and visual motifs.